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Diodes has launches a series of 2A synchronous DC-DC buck converters with reduced EMI across a range of input and output voltages by using a frequency spread spectrum (FSS) technique.
Power engineers are always learning, and the top content stories in 2018 on eeNews Europe Power show the range of topics that they are looking at, from boosting the efficiency of buck and boost converters, to an evaluation of pulse skipping. DC-DC converter PCB layout is always a challenge, and the two parts of the tutorial have been popular this year, as has a design tip on three simple split rail power supply topologies.
TDK has launched a series of 6A, 10A, 20A and 30A EMC filters with a two stage design for high attenuation across a wide 100kHz to 100MHz frequency range.
Melexis has released two new current sense ICs sharing the same high-performance CMOS core. The MLX91217 implements conventional Hall technology, while the MLX91216 uses Melexis’ proprietary Integrated Magneto Concentrator (IMC).
The 3D3600- and 3D7600-series of monolithic one-shot pulse generators from Data Delay Devices offer a wide range of pulse width adjustment in rugged, space-saving surface-mount packages.