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DC/DC Converters | Mouser
DC-DC Converters are available at Mouser Electronics from industry leading manufacturers.Mouser is an authorized distributor for many dc-dc converter manufacturers including Artesyn, Cincon, CUI, Delta, Mean Well, Murata, RECOM, TDK-Lambda, Texas Instruments, TRACO, Vicor & more.
Introduction to DC-DC Converters - Digi-Key
Some DC-DC converters are 90%+ efficient. When using a DC-DC converter, it is good practice to make sure that the source providing power to the DC-DC converter can provide enough power to account for the inefficiency. A good rule of thumb is assume a DC-DC converter is 80% efficient, and then use a source with 125% the load power.
DC DC Converters | Power Supplies - Board Mount | DigiKey
Power Supplies - Board Mount – DC DC Converters are in stock at DigiKey. Order Now! Power Supplies - Board Mount ship same day
DC-DC Converters - Infineon Technologies
DC-DC-Converters offers several switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) for ECUs in automotive applications like body, safety and power train. They are also available to supply 32-bit microcontroller. The industrial DC-DC Converter fitting a broad range of consumer, computing, communications and industrial applications.
DC/DC Buck Converter | DC/DC Converter | Reference Designs ...
Explore TI reference designs for DC/DC buck converters. Buck converters are featured in reference designs for these applications: automotive, communications equipment, enterprise systems, industrial, and personal electronics.
Offline & isolated DC/DC controllers & converters ...
Offline & isolated DC/DC controllers & converters (578) Flyback controllers (44) Flybuck converters (15) Isolated DC/DC converters & modules (75) Load share controllers (6) Offline converters (4) Power factor correction (PFC) controllers (74) PWM controllers & resonant controllers (389) Synchronous rectifier (SR) controllers (7)
DC/DC Buck Converter | DC/DC Converter | Overview | Step ...
DC/DC buck converters targeting a nominal 24-V input, with maximum operating input voltages as high as 100 V to protect against voltage transients. Common application areas are broad industrial and automotive. Find your device. 48 V.
Isolated DC/DC converters & modules | Overview | Power ICs ...
Our portfolio of isolated bias supplies and modules, and isolated power converters are comprised of high-density integrated-FET converters and integrated-transformer modules to reduce your power supply BOM count and simplify your isolated DC/DC design. Transformer drivers with external transformers can provide a simple isolated power solution.
DC/DC Switching Regulators | Overview | Power ICs |
Switching regulators are the most efficient way to convert one DC/DC voltage to another. And across all non-isolated DC/DC topologies – buck, boost, buck/boost, and inverting – TI helps you innovate and differentiate your power supply design with the industry’s largest and most diverse selection of power modules, converters, and controllers.
Pico Electronics | Pico
We then applied our miniaturization expertise into DC-DC power converters and AC-DC power supplies, becoming a recognized leader in high power voltage (up to 10,000 volts) DC-DC output. Today, we offer ultra-miniature, high power (up to 300 watts) units, as well as regulated, programmable and dual output packages.
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