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Power Supplies - Board Mount – DC DC Converters are in stock at DigiKey.
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DC/DC Converters | Mouser
DC-DC Converters are available at Mouser Electronics from industry leading
manufacturers. Mouser is an authorized distributor for many dc-dc converter ...
Dc-Dc Converters | CUI Inc
Our dc-dc converter line ranges from 1 W to 600 W, providing you with a diverse
selection of package configurations, input and output voltage options, ...
DC-DC Converters
Industrial Grade DC-DC Converter Models are designed for standard, multi-
batteries input ranges and operating temperatures of -40°C to +95C to satisfy ...
DC/DC Buck Converter | DC/DC Converter | Overview | Step-Down ...
TI has a wide portfolio of DC/DC buck converters to help you with your design
process. Choose between low to high current or battery powered to multiphase ...
DC/DC Converters
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High Reliability DC-DC Converters from Gaia Converter
GAIA Converter is recognized as a Leading Manufacturer of High-Reliability DC-
DC Converter products, PFC Front End modules and related input protection ...
Isolated | Dc-Dc Converters | CUI Inc
Ranging from 1 to 600 watts, CUI's diverse line of isolated dc-dc converters are
available in board mount, chassis mount and DIN rail packages. Ideal for a range
Isolated DC/DC Converters | Mouser
Isolated DC-DC Converters are available at Mouser Electronics from industry
leading manufacturers. Mouser is an authorized distributor for many isolated dc-
dc ...
DC-DC Converter Tutorial - Tutorial - Maxim
See the different types of buck boost converters used in DC-DC conversion,
along with comparisons of the various control techniques for these converters.
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Semtech has launched the SC171 and SC172 buck regulators, which are 1 A and 2 A output current devices that have been added to the company’s EcoSpeed DC-DC converter platform which includes a broad selection of output current capabilities ranging from 1 A to 30 A. The EcoSpeed converters help designers meet emerging green power requirements by efficiently managing both standby and full current demands in networking and office automation equipment, set-top boxes, portable products, power supply modules and other embedded products, including dynamic point-of-load (POL) applications.
At APEC 2011, Infineon Technologies has revealed that medium voltage power MOSFETs, OptiMOS, are now available in the CanPAK package which uses DirectFET technology licensed from International Rectifier Corporation. The new devices can be used in a wide range of industrial applications like DC-DC converters, solar micro inverters, Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT) in solar energy systems, low voltage drives and synchronous rectification for servers.
Efficient Power Conversion Corporation has unveiled two lead-free RoHS-compliant enhancement-mode gallium nitride on silicon (eGaN) FETs.
CISSOID has introduced a dual High Temperature 40 V N-channel MOSFET Transistor which is available in the small footprint, surface mounting, hermetically sealed ceramic SOIC16 package, this new device will help designers to achieve the highest system density.
Given the widespread availability of triedand-tested analogue POLs, why specify a digital POL rather than an analogue one? The short answer is that following many years of continual improvement, analogue dc-dc converters have reached a development plateau that requires a fundamental re-appraisal in order to optimise conversion efficiency, power density, and application flexibility.