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The WE-MCRI double choke designed by Würth Elektronik consists of two identical round wire-windings compacted in a metal powder material, offering soft saturation characteristics for DC/DC converter applications.
Analog Devices has launched a 10A, 18V input synchronous step-down switching regulator with efficiency of 95% at a switching frequency of 2MHz.
With the Linear LT8642S, Analog Devices has introduced a new synchronous step-down switching regulator in Silent Switcher 2 architecture. The device dramatically reduces EMI emissions and easily passes automotive CISPR25, Class5 peak EMI limits with a 2MHz switching frequency over its entire load range. Its EMI performance is not sensitive to PCB layout, simplifying design and reducing risk even when using two-layer PC boards.
TT Electronics has launched a series of surface mount power inductors for use in high power density automotive and industrial applications.